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           Premium Package:  WEDDING PRICE LIST 2007


      Three-Chip Digital Cameras Used For Highest Possible Quality – Digital Video


                          I.        Two camera ceremony and  reception - Videographer goes to rehearsal for set-up planning.


                         A.  Special effects introduction with computer generated titling of invitation.


                         B.  Baby pictures or pictures of your choice: 10 Bride / 10 Groom = 20 pictures total.  $2.00 for each added photo.


                                C.  Church building taped from outside.  Time permitting, behind the scenes taped before ceremony begins.


                                D.  Video tape entire ceremony:


1.  One camera in front and one camera in balcony or back area.


                                                            2.  Wireless microphones used for up close sound.


                                E.  Limousine or decorated car scenes with Bride and Groom after ceremony.


                                F.  Receiving line scenes


                                G.  Reception Scenes:  guests, hors d’oeuvres, flowers, ice sculptures set to music.


                                H.  Best Man toast, head table, cake cutting and gift table.  


                                 I.   Bridal dances, father/daughter dance, mother/son dance.


                                J.  Bouquet and garter activities.


                K.  Dancing scenes - fast and slow dancing.


                                L.  Interview:  Parents, bridal party, relatives, guests, bride and groom (if requested)


                                M.  Special recap close to end video with music.  Wedding recap put on CD-Rom for PC computer video viewing.


                                N.  Videographer stays till not needed (no time limit)


O.      Client receives Master DVD set & three VHS or DVD copy sets (Four sets included, any combination).


P.  Split ceremony and reception add $50.00 (Ceremony before 2:00p.m. with reception that goes into the night).



     ***  $1,950.00  Two high quality 3-chip cameras at ceremony & one 3-chip camera at reception with roaming 

            camera.  Includes edited package consisting of montages set to music throughout introduction, between       

            ceremony and reception, hors d’oeuvre table and dessert table, and wherever scenes can be customized.

                            Entire wedding is edited on high quality digital non-linear editing system.


                     **  Add $200.00 per location:  includes extra taping, battery power, editing and extra work. 

                                (Church and Reception Hall locations included with package.)


    II.  EXTRA COPIES:  Two video tapes equal one set.  $40.00 per set.  All copies are digital direct copies meaning 

                                        no generation loss.   VHS copies look like original master tapes.


      III.  HIGHLIGHT MONTAGE:  Condensed wedding version with special effects and montages $400.    2.5 to 3 hour  

              tapes are condensed using main activities from long version made into a 30-40 minute fancy short version.


     IV.    Extra DVD:  $50 per DVD copy set.